28-02-2020 KRF_8088.JPG

Igor G

We are all very excited by this gorgeous young horse. This super horse was sent to Lissa to re-train in Eventing towards the end of 2018 and was owned by Michael Whitaker and Dean Lockwood. Having always planned to sell him for the owners, Lissa kept saying to those that enquired "I would buy him if I could". He was sold to the first person who tried him and they were obsessed, but miserably for the prospective rider the deal fell through due to a change in circumstance. It was then that Lissa decided to follow her own advice and see if she could devise a way for him to stay.


He is growing and maturing monthly and as of 2020 has transformed in to the stunning creature we all felt was simmering under the surface. His strength has doubled and he is now able to produce a stunning picture on the flat with his canter really excelling. Igor has just returned from show jumping on The Sunshine Tour in Spain where he surpassed all expectations and went from a 1m horse to a 1.30m in the space of 5 show jumping rounds. His self confidence is to be admired and Lissa cannot wait to see what is next in store for this talented young horse.