Expo SJ.jpg

Expo di Alma Terra


Expo is one of the most exciting prospects we have had come through our yard at this age. His talent is undeniable, he was born to jump and is blessed with the most beautifully elastic body. 

Bred in Italy, Expo was 3rd overall in their coveted 4yo class where he needed to jump a round of 1.15m on the final day, which he won. Due to his busy 4yo year, we have decided to back off him and help him learn about life needed to become an Eventer. He has spent early 2020 long reining  through all terrain, learning about mud and wind and generally de-sensitising to the elements of life. I very much look forward to teaching him about life in an open field, galloping from obstacle to obstacle - I think he will relish his new career and I can't wait to see what his future holds.