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Becoming a valued owner of Lissa Green Eventing could not be easier or more rewarding

Lissa’s approach to horsemanship is to always put the horse first. She views each one as an individual and works hard to create a bond of mutual trust and respect. People attracted to this philosophy will find a perfect match when partnering their horse with Lissa and her team.


If you don’t already own a horse, not to worry, Lissa has created many affordable ways to become an event horse owner, with options to suit most budgets. Whether you are a full owner or just own a small part, everyone has exclusive access to the behind the scenes life that makes up Lissa Green Eventing. 


Many current syndicate members either ride themselves or have family members that ride and say their own horsemanship skills have improved significantly as a consequence of being an owner. Lissa’s mother Lucinda is an integral part of the team and is often available to walk cross country courses, dispensing words of wisdom and heartfelt advice along the way.

If you currently own a horse, or if you want to join a Syndicate then please do get in contact with Lissa directly to discuss options; we like to think creatively to suit different owners wants and needs.

Sandra Carlisle

Sandra and her daughter Issy where on the look out for a more personal and involved feel into top level Eventing and luckily for me, came across one of my syndicate adverts on social media. They became part of the Viqueen Syndicate and fitted in seamlessly, joining us all at Badminton with Hollyfield.

Amazingly they have enjoyed the experience so much they have joined ranks with Daniela Sieff and become joint owner of one of my most exciting young horses; Wolf Master. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to get closer to Sandra and Issy, their kindness, generosity and intellect shine out of them and I feel very fortunate.

Jamie Flint

Jamie is new to the team for 2019, but has to be one of the most fascinating people I have met, he is a through and through horseman with such an understanding of these wonderful animals. Jamie is one of those people that will stick on the right track and do things properly without trying to find a shortcut or a quick fix. I feel truly honoured to be riding his lovely mares Galwaybay Timberlina and Lissygan Marosect Z, we are all really looking forward to the season ahead.

Keith Flint's Estate

With the recent soul destroying news of our beloved Keiths passing, we are working out our next steps.

Keith purchased a lovely horse named Drogo O.L in 2018, but decided that he would like to see how far he could go in Eventing. Amazingly Keith fell for my now retired CCI5* horse Malin Head Clover and the two suited each other incredibly well. Keith bought 'Ali G' for £1 with the promise to keep him on livery with us and to treat him like the King he is.


I couldn't have wished for a better human to enter our lives. The kindest, most genuine soul to walk the planet, we all feel incredibly blessed to have known him. Thank you Keith, for everything you did for us, you have left a huge hole on this planet. One that can never be filled.

Alison Gill

The day this amazing lady walked in to my life I haven't stopped laughing or learning, Ali is one of those special people who seem to have the ability to be that missing piece from everyone's life. 


Ali is astonishing and has fitted about 16 lives (and counting) into one. During her studies at Oxford University Ali took up rowing and found herself with the opportunity to try out for the Olympic Team. Somewhat short of funding Ali and two of her team mates started a business "Rock the Boat" selling rowing design t-shirts firstly at Henley Royal Regatta and then at other events. Rock the Boat helped to fund them to the first two out of three Olympic Games. Once retired from elite rowing Ali set up a management consultant company helping companies all over the globe to find a way through the challenges that limit their success. She enjoys researching and writing and has co-authored several books the most recent of which is titled "Kindness in Leadership"which considers kindness as an antidote to the loss of trust in business and in sport.


But perhaps even more impressively, Ali re-took up riding after a 25 year gap and is now successfully competing at CCI-S 3*. The way Ali can absorb information and improve just by watching, I have no doubt that she will achieve a hell of a lot more in her second chosen sport of Eventing. 


I am very excited to be working with Ali and Igor for a new business venture in 2019. 

Daniela Sieff

Daniela has been there for me from the beginning of my horsey career. It is safe to say that I wouldn't be half as fortunate as I am today without this amazing lady's input. She has stuck with me through thick and thin and has always been a pillar of support. 

Daniela is someone to go to with a problem, she has a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing ability to understand a situation from every angle, it is quite a skill. Achieving a doctorate from Oxford University before becoming a well respected writer, researcher and speaker, Daniela has also written an extremely insightful book called "Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma" and is currently writing another that will explore how evolutionary and anthropological perspectives can contribute to the understanding of trauma.


Daniela also had an incredible equestrian career creating a fantastic relationship with her "deeply honest and scopey hunter" whom she acquired when she was only 14 and managed to make it to Badminton twice.  

I am so honoured that Daniela is connected to two current syndicates and now owns Wolf Master also. 

The Viqueen Syndicate

Sandra Carlisle, Alison Gill, Sally-Ann Leaf, Daniela Sieff and Succeed Equine


As Hollyfield is Swedish and fondly known as our 'Viking", one clever member came up with 'Viqueen" as our Syndicate name, due to it involving all ladies. Made up of people that didn't know each previously, we have created another syndicate group with fabulous people who now have a strong bond of friendship.

In 2018 everyone got to experience the ultimate owner goal of watching their horse successfully compete at the world renowned Badminton Horse Trials. Having such a wonderful group of people made the whole experience even more pleasurable. 


As our Syndicates are affordable a couple of members have decided to involve themselves in more than one horse, so you will notice some repeated names.

* one share available *

The Czech Mate Syndicate

Sally-Ann Leaf, Daniela Sieff, Caroline Ward


Boline hails form the Czech Republic so we felt it rude not to incorporate her roots within her ownership title. 

I am SO excited that the amazing Sally-Ann, Daniela and Caroline have helped form this Syndicate, we will be aiming for Blenheim CCI-L 4* at the end of 2019 with the hopes of CCI 5* in 2020. This syndicate will be a particularly special one to be involved with as we believe this mare is so talented and could take us on rather an exciting journey.

* one share available *

The Snoop Troop

Saran Allot Davy, Kirsty Ashman, Laura Chappell, Graeme Connal, Suzanne Duke, Alison Ettridge, Karen Evans (IRE), Alexandra Gilbert, Ruth Harley (AUS), Sue Harris, Jay Hunt, Victoria Jones, Paula Marshall-Brownrigg, Gill Nance, Alice Overfield, Jennifer Price, Jenny Snowball

This is a Syndicate that only involves a one year commitment. It is aimed at those who want to dip their toe into the ‘owner lifestyle’ without having to invest a larger amount of money. Anyone can join throughout the year as long as they commit to paying an annual £1,000 either up front or in installments, most members picked £100 per month for ten months.


Members of this Syndicate can join us at any event Corraggio Z is competing at to support or learn about how 'The Greens' tackle the eventing world. There are weekly emails sent out to each member with the option to come to two yard visits a year.

* shares available *