Burghley blog for Horse & Hound: ‘we are literally pawns in his game and with every move he wins

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Now the final prep week has (rather quickly) ticked by, the second ‘Big B’ in the calendar year is imminent. As I spoke about last week, Malin Head Clover is fully prepared for the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, and I have done my best to match myself up to him.

I have been training in the gym with a personal trainer twice a week and she isprogressively transforming me — a tough job! I feel a lot stronger than I was, although I still think I have a great deal of room to improve, specifically my core strength. Rider fitness and resilience is essential when competing at this level. I have naively dismissed this in the past and struggled on regardless with Ali the galloping storm trooper! While he’s still not easy, following a fitness programme has proved kinder to my back and arm muscles.

I have been doing plenty of exercises; from planking on wobbly surfaces, boxing, dead lifting, through to standing on a ball balance trainer (a platform with a blow-up ball underneath) while holding a 10kg weight at arm’s length and doing squats — it’s been tough, but so worth it.

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