Burghley blog for Horse & Hound: ‘this was the end of our dream’

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As ever with horses, your toughest and best times are yet to come. Sadly last week at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials it was the former for us.

Malin Head Clover (Ali) felt incredible. We’d been trotting him up twice a day every day for as long as I can remember in the lead up to Burghley — I think everyone creates some level of paranoia when leading up to a huge event.

We arrived at Burghley on Tuesday afternoon and super groom Kirsty Eames took Ali for a deserved walk and graze after his travel, while chief truck driver Ali Gill (one of Ali’s eight owners from the Ali G Syndicate) and myself prepared his stable area. I don’t feel you can ever be too vigilant when it comes to your horse — whenever I go somewhere, be it temporary stabling or fixed, I disinfect the area before my horse ever reaches it. I carry with me an old “Round-up” weed killer backpack spray filled with diluted Virkon. I then go around pumping and spraying the area thoroughly, it takes less than five minutes and could prevent an illness or infection.

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