Showjumping - Major Richard Waygood

Richard joined the Army at age 16 and after years of hard work achieved the highly prestigious and respected post of Riding Master for the Household Cavalry he also climbed rank to be appointed Major. As of 2017 Richard became Team GB Eventing's High Performance Manager after a stint of being extremely successful as Team GB Dressage's Chef D'Equipe.


Richard has been helping me for the past 3 years and now I wouldn't want to be without him. I have brought him some very tricky horses and he has helped me turn them into something brilliant. I love his concepts and ideas as he always looks toward a way of riding that allows the horse to think for himself.

Showjumping - Corinne Bracken 

Corrine is an Internationally acclaimed accredited Showjump trainer who was Team Coach for the Team GB Pony, Junior and Young Rider Showjumping Teams becoming Chef D'Equipe in 2009.

I have had lessons with Corinne for years and she really has a 6th sense when it comes to horses. Her eye with what suits each horse is phenomenal and no two lessons are the same, just as no two horses are the same. If I ever have a crisis of confidence she manages to inject it back into me within only one lesson.

Gareth 4.png

Dressage - Gareth Hughes

Over the past 10 years, Gareth has amassed more than 60 National and International Titles including International wins both in the UK and abroad. He is a member of Team GBR with numerous Nation Cup wins and European and World Equestrian team medalist.


2019 was a hugely successful year with Gareth being in the top ten individually at the Europeans Championships and earning nine international titles.

Gareth is a true horseman, he rides and teaches in a way that puts the horse first and helps the rider truly understand the essence of what they are doing.