Mother Green - Lucinda Green

Mum is the backbone to my eventing career for which I will be forever grateful. She’s a never-ending encyclopaedia of both horse knowledge and how to get the best out of the rider... We have a great understanding of each other and love to help one another - I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mum has never got her thrills from winning but from creating a solid partnership with her horse. This is exactly the outlook she has passed on to me, winning is just a wonderful added bonus. On the back of this philosophy mum has started competing again with a cracking little Australian thoroughbred called Riddick VEH. The pair are enjoying themselves beyond belief and aiming for a CCI 2* at the end of this year.


Father Green - David Green

Dad not only has the best eye for a stride, but an eye for a horse too. He can spot a Grand National winner in a herd of cows. Although Dad relocated back to his native Australia in 2010, I still ask for his guidance when it comes to my horses. He has the best show jumping exercises and advice about how to help improve a horse’s natural jump and paces.


We very much miss him not being over here with us in the UK, but he is so involved with every step of the way and every decision made. I feel very lucky to have someone so close with such wisdom and someone who compliments mum's words also.


Head Girl - Olivia Poole

Olivia "Liv" Poole joined us in the Summer of 2020. Having worked professionally on both pure Dressage and pure Show Jumping yards, this is in fact her first Eventing job. Eventing is her first love which is probably why she has fit in so seamlessly in to our Eventing way of life and the yard. 

At 21, she is still young, but has a level of maturity difficult to find in someone of her age. She has a vast extent of naturalness and knowledge picked up over the years, but is still prudent enough to have an open enough mind to learn on the job and keep improving. Her standards are incredibly high, her pride in competition turn out along with her care and love of the horses are all valued ingredients and what make her one of the best I have been fortunate enough to work with. 


Freelance Groom - Fran Harper

Fran is one of the most exceptional workers I have come across. She has a natural brain for horsey life, constantly thinks outside the box and never leaves a stone unturned. The horses love her and the yard is always left a picture after Fran has been. 

The horses and I are so grateful to have someone of Fran's calibre; being able to trust that your yard and horses are in good hands whilst you aren't there is worth its weight in gold.

Thank you Fran


Head of Security - Rico Green

The most important man in our life, or so he thinks. I worry that he may confuse himself with a dire wolf, especially when a car he doesn’t recognise enters the yard. But this quickly subsides into terrifying licks and tail wags as soon as a human gets out to greet him.


Rico is also chief hack leader and is always a mandatory ten meters in front of the horses. He loves to race them when we break into canter but sadly, his gallop doesn’t quite match up. His weakness are definitely deer! You can keep up with Rico’s antics on Instagram


Security Consultant - Miki

Being nearly a full brother to Rico, he is naturally particularly skilled in the field of cuteness. However, being more of a summer pug, he likes to work freelance and offer his brain power rather than physical services. In the winter he usually misses the start of work and is often found curled up near the radiator in the tackroom with Floss, who shares and teaches similar values. 


Part Time Patrol Officer - Busby

Busby stays with us when mum is abroad teaching and my goodness does he love to wander... He has made friends with all the neighbours and is now well known enough that people are happy to let him continue on his daily quests without calling mum's number at an Australian 3 a.m, thankfully in his 7 years he never goes near any roads and always comes back.

Mascot - Dreamberry from Hannah's Willberry 

This gorgeous little man was gifted to me by the late Hannah Francis. She was the most incredibly dynamic girl you could meet and has created a whole empire through Willberry Wonder Pony to help kids with cancer. I visited her a few times throughout her dreadful ordeal and no matter how ill she felt, she always showed the best version of herself, positive and smiling, she was a complete joy to be around. 


This man reminds me of her strength and can be found hitching a ride on my body protector from time to time.