Hailing from the Czech Republic we are thrilled to welcome Mouse onto the Team. This horse has so many positive attributes it's hard to list, she moves, is kind, has a beautiful jump and is seriously brave... However there is no denying we have a difficult task ahead to help adjust her current mindset and ways. She is naturally a very hot horse and is SO brave that she likes to charge at a fence rather than absorb the adrenalin....but we are adamant we will get through to her and become more than just team mates....she has one critical ingredient, she likes to please.


We spent nearly 2 months in nothing more than a trot when she first arrived on British soil to help calm her sensitivities and bring her mind back down to earth. All being well we will start her out small until a calm way of going becomes natural and then hope to aim her for Blenheim CCI-L 4* (old CCI3*). When we get through to this mare we believe she could be the real deal and she will certainly be a very exciting journey to be a part of. 

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